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When I read this I couldn’t believe what I was reading. A couple in Utah, USA copped a fine for $3K just for leaving a negative review. As a result their credit scroe was wrecked.

Check this video out on how to deal with negative online reviews:

Online Review Wrecked Their Credit Scoring

So their credit score was damaged just because they left negative online review and the fine print in the sites terms and conditions.

The term ‘reading the fine print’ … really hits home in this case. You can read teh full story here:

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Remove The Review Online Or Else

In short the couple purchased a product, repeatedly emailed the sites customer support team and never received a reply. Three years later the site in question contacts them and tells them they will cop a fine for three grand unless they remove their online review.

Customer Reviews
When you read the Palmers story, you’ll think how on earth can this business get away with doing that to people. And this isn’t an isolated case by all accounts.

Should You Be Afraid To Leave Online Reviews?

Should this deter people from leavng reviews for businesses? No, not in my mind, but read the fine print and make sure that there aren’t any nasty’s waiting for you if things go wrong. Or whenever purpasing, get into the habit of asking relevant questions, making a note of what they say … or recording it somehow before making a purchase. So you can make a decision on whether to purchase a product or service from the particular company based on their terms.

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The Online Review Helps Customers And Businesses Alike!

I think both sides, the customer and the business should look very carefully at online reviews and how they can impact a purchase. Yes the web is a god send and a great innovation. The sheer number of websites selling online is massive and growing ever larger. But with that will come those sellers looking to abuse this gift. And the for the business owner, in mind it has now forced the businesses who sell online to deliver great service or people will have their say in the way of leaving reviews online.

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