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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]They had to do something right?

Google Plus is becoming a monster and in my mine, and only an opinion, Facebook is in REAL danger of being left behind.

Facebook graph search

So the bods there have been stepping up to the plate and launching a new feature called “Graph Search”.

I was reading about it on WebTrends, you should check it out if you don’t already, and Elise Moreau was giving her take on what this Beta feature has install for us. Zuckerburg and his guys have apparently been working on this bad boy for a few years. So will it do what it says on the tin and have us all wooing and cooing?

Ain’t gotta clue…

But from what I read, it looks like a handy little tool to have in your arsenal. And for marketers, or in fact anyone in business looking to get key info about their own network, it could have some serious impact when targeting certain types of people.

What I really liked about what this handy feature will give us, are answers to certain questions, like who in my friends group like David Cameron? Well maybe not that question, but you get the idea.

Looking For Something Specific?

Or if you’re looking for a certain type of picture, image or photo, you could ask in public posts, “photo’s taken in front of Big Ben”.

I was having a really good chat a good friend and fellow marketer the other day, what a goldmine of information this guy is. And he shared some interesting stuff about Google, Facebook and where the future lies. Like Elise Moreau he also felt that it was about time FB improved on it internal search game. But he also said something, that got me thinking. Google has all these access points, Google Plus, Gmail, Places, News, Earth, Apps, Chat, YouTube, Alerts, Search, Chrome, Blogger, Orkut, Feedbuner and the list goes on and on. Whereas Facebook has, well a few but they’re all on facebook.

So you’re confined to using, whatever products they have, only on Facebook. What if you get racked off with them and go elsewhere?

Then FB have lost you. Right?

I hear they’ve been messing with their ads, the pricing has become a bit odd, well so I hear, as I don’t buy them, but if that is the case, then I guess, they’ll create some very miserable advertisers.

Anyways, from what I can tell this new feature looks pretty good, will it press some people into action, using FB more? Dunno…

What Do You Think?

I’ll have a crack at it when it launched for real and see. What are your thoughts? Let me and others know.

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