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Nothing new here… for decades, businesses right across the globe, have been using people who have marketing skills. But for some reason, and I’m not sure why, this is… but small local businesses don’t. well not as often as they should. I suspect there are a number of reasons. One of which could be their perception of cost. Again, I can’t be sure.

As I’ve been a marketing consultant, authority, coach… call me what you will, for over 20 years, I thought I’d share some of the reasons a small or medium sized business should be pulling on the wisdom of a marketing authority to help them.

The one key reason is this…

A marketeer will think outside the box, and they’re a powerful tool for any sized enterprise.

Reason #1:

A good marketing authority, and I mean good, someone who has been there, done it, and is always learning, as we all are really, should be able to show you strategies and tactics that will impact on your sales, profits and profile.

In essence showing you how to leverage greater returns with less effort. Don’t get this wrong, there is work involved, but less so, with good approaches.

Look we all can work way too many hours and believe if we were to leave our business for a short break, the darn thing would scrumble around our ears. Well I did when I first started out all those years ago. You may have that feeling yourself, or something similar.

The fact is many business leaders, whether small enterprises or far larger ones, would love to take regular breaks without worrying what’s happening back at the ranch.

The bottom line is, having someone to help you with you marketing can help your company to become far more profitable.

Which means, you can work less hours, if you want, earn far more, if that’s your desire and enjoy the business, that’s become a milestile round your neck and a constant worry.

A good marketer will can help you to see the possibilities, re-engergise you and assist in turning a stale business model into a newly invigorated one, that’s more powerful, profitable and more scaleable.

Reason #2:

What a marketing authority will show you is where the hidden assets are in your business.

Assets, as yet, untapped and unrealised.

I can bet that you’re ready to know where yours are right?

If your gut is telling you, that you’re not making the sales and profits you could be, then my friend… it’s time to change that and turn things around. A good marketer will help you do just that. They’ll help you to jump start your business. With tried, tested and true approaches. Remember… they’re not there to make the decisions for you, you always have the final say, but they’re there to open you up to the latent potential already laying in your business. They explore with you, how you might reach and leverage those opportunities, at little or no cost at all.

Reason #3:

This has always been a bi-product of a business owner with staff. When the staff see’s all the marketing stuff you’re doing, they get engergised. They see your profile rising. They, along with your market place, gets the sense of your being everywhere.

The marketplace, gets a renewed point of view about your business, even if they haven’t purchased from you as yet. Potential employees see you as a business they could work for. And so on and so on. You get the idea here. All of which is great news for you and your enterprise.

Whether your business is high-tech, low-tech, slow-tech or no-tech… the marketing tactics a good marketr can bring to bear on your business, can have such a MASSIVE benefit. In areas you wouldn’t have even considered.

Reason #4:

Way, WAY back when I was delivering a seminar in Derbyshire. There was a small business owner… sitting in the audience. Now before he came into the seminar, he was kinda at the end of his tether.

He couldn’t see, what else he could do. What he was doing was having little to no effect. And what he was getting wasn’t profitble.

After sitting through the short event… he made a b-line for me and couldn’t thank me enough. Quote… (and I remember this, like it was yesterday) “I couldn’t believe there was SO much more I could do. And what I was doing now, I could do far better. I really enjoyed your seminar and can we talk further

The passion for his business had been rekindled.

If you, like many other small business owners, need to fall back in love with your business, a marketing authority, is just the tool to help you do that.

As sure as eggs are eggs… overtime every business can become a bit mundane, and a bit boring. Believe it or not… I too have had that feeling. Its rare but it happens. Usually on a Monday 🙂

What I’m saying here is this. Motivation is key to maintaining and growing a vision and maintaining your passion.

Whether you’re working with an marketing authority, to build a simple marketing plan, or just working on a simple strategy… having a marketing specialist there with you as a sounding board for your ideas, is an invaluable tool to help you get your passion back, if you’ve lost it or losing it!

Of course marketing help is something you need to invest in, and can stop some people. But I say this, what if… that help was at a level where the returns were 10 fold or more?

What if… that same help, enabled you to attract more customers, patients or clients, with the least amount of human effort? And what if…

That marketing assistance… could put more pounds in your pocket, so you could do the things you want to do, instead of the things you have to?

Food for thought right?

Those are just a few reasons why, in my mind, local businesses should see a marketing authority to get results. We can’t get what we want, without the help of other people. Regardless of what we are doing.

Take a look at your own business, a close look, then make a decision to explore whatelse is possible. You maybe doing everything possible and can’t get anymore. I would be beg to differ, but you never know. Either way how much would it cost you to explore that with someone whose knows what they’re doing and how to help? Nothing.

If you like this article.

1. Share it.

2. Comment or don’t

3. Take some action and seek out a marketing authority and…

4. Re-read it and see if you can find something new inside it.

You’ll be surprised you often do. Contact Me for help with your marketing.

Post Author: John Sealey

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