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An increasingly large number of small and medium sized owners, are now beginning to realize how essential social media is to pump up bottom line profits. If you’re like the majority of entrepreneurs, the idea of getting into social media is a real daunting. There are SO many ways to go about attracting followers, it makes your head spin right?

I’ve gathered together just a few tips for you which will to help build a social audience who are loyal to your business.

Keywords Are KEY

There are what I call the ‘Social Media Big Boys’ like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and YouTube. It’s really doesn’t matter which one or multiple ones you opt for, the use of keywords is KEY.


These powerful words all help to increase the likelihood that you’ll increase your follower base. You’ve seen the ‘#’ symbol all over the place. Well, this symbol works really well on the social media websites. They work even better if you have more than one account linked up to another. Now this great idea, is a right time saver for us small business owners because it allows you to post a comment to all of the social media sites you’re on. And here’s the time saver bit… Without having to do it with each site individually. Great right?

This is really common sense, isn’t it? How else can anyone interested in your products/services find what you’re offering without keywords? They can’t. So use them in your profiles. Now your follower numbers will start to grow… And give them something of value each time you post, they’ll be become ongoing followers. And isn’t that the idea?

Use Comment Wisdom

Contrary to belief your customers, clients or patients do like to hear from you and other small enterprises that they follow. By being proactive and commenting on posts which are specifically related to your business, you can get other, potential customers interested in you and your business offering. A mistake by some small business owners is that they make their posts look like spam. YUK! So be wise and deploy some wisdom to your comments. A good idea is to follow people who have just followed you on the social sites your business is on. Why? Think about it this way… People will be much more likely to buy from people who are in their online social cycles, than businesses, they haven’t got a clue who they are. And not even on the social networks.

A Regular Post

It’s a fact, people do want to hear from you and what your business is up to. The more you interact and exchange, the more of a chance that they will start to buy and become a customer. Whether it’s a good customer, only you’ll know that, but you get the idea. So is it a good idea to post regularly? Oh yeah I think it is. Now I get tied up in projects and will disappear for a while, then no posting 🙁 However, I try and post everytime I have any downtime.

If you have coupons or are thinking about creating them, if you’ve got tips or thinking about sharing them, got a picture, surveys or putting out a poll? Use these to be consistent in your posting. As many things as you can think of that’ll add value, then post them to your followers. But don’t overwhelm them, remember it’ll look like spam. Why reinvent the wheel, just look at some posts out there, that are getting lots of traction and see what sort of content your followers would like to see. In addition though, it’ll also give some good content in future, that’ll be relevant and provide you with great intelligence as to the demographic of the followers, following you. Make sense?

Week after week, figures are showing that Social networking sites are beginning make a huge difference to revenues for small business owners. If they are done in the right way. Following the trends, keeping an eye of on developments etc.. In essence giving your followers what they want… You’ll find that more and more people will start engaging with your content. With all this lovely engagement, it will soon turn into customers, sales and new profits for your business.


Post Author: John Sealey

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