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Quick, Easy And Cheap – SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a quick and easy way for a small business to attract new customers and keep existing ones informed of what offers and specials a business has.

To stand out above the noise of a marketplace a small business needs different ways to reach it’s customers.

Now as most, if not everyone, who has a mobile phone these days, SMS messages are a great way to get a message to a prospective and existing customer very quickly.

Messages Opened Quickly With SMS Marketing

Here’s the great thing about it. Once someone receives a SMS message they almost immediately look at who has sent that message. Ensuring whatever message you send gets read. SMS Marketing is going to get even bigger than it is now.

If a business is going to point the receiver of the SMS message to a website, that website has to be mobile friendly. That is, it can be viewed easier on a mobile device, without having to scroll left and right to read what’s on the site.

The search engines will start penalizing websites that don’t have a mobile friendly version of their site.

Whether you like it or whether you don’t… SMS Marketingis going to a major force in customer engagement. And if you don’t have SMS Marketing, as part of your marketing mix, you could be heading for a hiding from your competitors.

Is SMS Marketing Part of Your Customer Acquisition Strategy?

If not it has to be. Mobile devices are fast becoming the primary tool for people to access the world wide web for all sort of things. Looking at the Facebook updates, tweeting on Twitter, building and keeping up to date with the contacts on LinkedIn and loads more.

If they’re spending a lot of time on their mobile device, it makes sense to capture their attention whilst they are on their devices.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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