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I’ve done posts on this topic, SMS Marketing, before and I’m still challenged to see any marketing appraoch, which is more cost effective, can deliver your message instantly, has a higher open rate, and has a higher level of  engagement than email.

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Slowly… slowly but surely, small businesses are using text, otherwise known as SMS Marketing, more to reach out to their customers and prospects. Coming up… Find out why this will be so important to you now, and in the very near future…

SMS Marketing Coming Back

The process of a business texting its customers, SMS Marketing, has seen a resurgence in popularity recently – and it’s not hard to see why.

Your future customers, many of whom have never known a world without a mobile devices are, in overwhelming numbers, checking their phones at least once every hour. Even older people are checking first thing in the morning, last thing at night, having the devices on their night stand… just in case.

Massive Opportunity of SMS Marketing

A good thing? I have opinions on this, but my opinion doesn’t matter, and with respect, niether does yours. The fact is, everyone, virtually, does this and it presents an opportunity. A MASSIVE one. Text or SMS Marketing presents even the smallest enterprise with an opportunity to reach out to customers like never before. And here’s another massive benefit, they can even message you back right off the bat.

I’m still, to this day, amazed that so few small business owners, haven’t picked up the ball and ran with this one.

Underutilised Marketing Strategy Which is SMS Marketing

This method of marketing is an overlooked and under used marketing tactic, open to all and can hit the marketing bullseye in a number of ways, such as…

Letting people know about promotions, both online and on the premises. Keeping customers, and prospects for that matter… and your opening timesNew stock arrivals and here’s a noval idea, asking customers for feedback.

There’s loads more, one which always springs to mind, just to illustrate that any small business can use this marketing approach. A Bakery can send an SMS Marketing message for those people in the town, at the end of the working day and tell them that rolls normally on 20p each are now at 5p if they come in and shop at the bakery in the next 30 mins.

You get the idea… what’s the chances of the baker adding in a few more sales, which he wouldn’t have had otherwise. And what did it cost? PENCE to send the message and POUNDS in profits!

Basically ROI is great, engagement is brilliant and time expended… seconds. What better use of limited marketing pounds right?

Especially, when you consider that start ups and small high streety type businesses don’t have the marketing spends of the bigger businesses.

I still think there is a place for Direct Mail, remember that? Postcards and letters… As there is so little now being sent, that in and off itself presents an opportunity, but more on that another time.

The Benefits of Marketing By SMS

SMS Marketing, has a part to play in building sales and ballooning profits.

Look at these benefits of sending SMS Marketing messages for a moment:

  • Benefit – Makes collecting customer data a breeze.
  • Benefit – No trees are felled, its all digital.
  • Benefit – Has a far, far higher open rate than an email.
  • Benefit – Endless ways to customise your messages.
  • Benefit – If people like it they can optin, or out as the case maybe.
  • Benefit – You can reach everyone, any demographic.
  • Benefit – Virtually everyone in the country has a mobile device, and it’s mobile friendly.
  • Benefit – Low-cost… or should I say low investment with the potential of high returns.
  • Benefit – Received instantly.
  • Benefit – SMS Messages are opened within the first 3-5 minutes of being received.
  • Benefit – One of a number of marketing tools a small business can use to Brand itself.

But Be Compliant With SMS Marketing

The important thing is, as long as you are compliant with everything you should be, when collecting and using data, you have nothing to be concerned about. Other than the amount of Tax you’ll need to pay on your next Tax Return from the increased profits you’ll be getting… potentially.

Are you wondering how you can increase your sales and profits using SMS Marketing in your business?

If so send me a message and I’ll send you to a link that will give you lots of information and how to get started.

Post Author: John Sealey

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