Some businesses want to access the information I share one to one. So I have a few different methods for a local business to access me on a one to one basis.

Read on to find out how you can access my one to one offering…

Firstly Who Can Benefit From My Consulting Programs?

These programs were created for local entrepreneurs with businesses at various levels who want to become more successful with their marketing efforts.

Here’s 3 questions to see if any of these programs could apply to YOU…

1. I’m a Start-Up or relatively new business which desperately requires some direction and guidance to get the ball rolling and to clear the fog!

2. My business has been running for up to 5 years and I’m pretty good at marketing with the knowledge I have … but, I’d really like to significantly increase my knowledge about marketing online and offline to improve my sales and profits!

3. I’m a experienced business owner who wants to take my business to the “next level" of profitability, longevity and sustainability.

If you answered yes to one of the three above, one of my consulting programs will be for you.

I want to ask you a question…

How’s your business doing?

Ponder that question for just a minute and answer it before you read on. Ask yourself could my business be attracting more new clients? Could it be increasing the value of every sale… everytime one is made… is it truly getting people to come back to the business more often and being as profitable as it could?


How is your business doing?

If the results you’re currently getting aren’t anything to write home about and you want to ramp things up a gear or two then it’s my intention to help you do just that with my personalised consulting program.

You Need a Guided Personal Tour and Not Just A Road Map

It’s not enough to have a map in your hands which’ll point you in the right direction. All that map will do is just that point you in the direction you need to go. But what about the lay of the land, the holes, hills you’ll need to climb, the pitfalls and barriers which maybe in your way. A road map won’t show all of those.

But having a guide to personally show you the way, explaining the essential elements you need to bare in mind… as and when they apply to YOU and the situation you’re in is invaluable.

Look at it this way…

A road map can teach you how to write a good referral letter, but this same map won’t tell whether that referral letter is actually any good. The map won’t tell you that in your hands you have an outstanding referral piece which will attract even more customers or if it’s just a fist full of words slapped together on a page.

This map won’t sit you down over a cuppa and together work through how to improve your specific marketing communication, be it online or offline.
for it to be specific and precise for you… you need a guide if you’re to go the distance and build a profitable business. The road map will only get you started.

Which ever method you choose my pledge is to give you honest feedback and suggestions about anything related to marketing YOUR business.

Choose from a method to suit you…

Method #1 My Q&A Consulting

For those just starting, or run a very small business or just wants to try my “Entry Level" program this one is ideal.

This is what you’ll get in a nutshell… You submit a question for me and I’ll answer it. It’s that simple!

You could send me a question related to your specific topic and I answer you back. With this consulting program, I don’t create a curriculum for you… there’s No materials for you to receive. No calls to organise between us.

I simply offer my expertise in a “question and answer” setting.

As this is an entrey level consulting program you can tap into, it’s reflected in the fee.

To find out more about this consulting program [Click Here Soon – Early 2019]

Method #2 An Existing Curriculum.

My second method which is regularly taken up by my clients is the existing curriculum consultation. This is where my help is based around a series of logical steps.

Here I teach you step by step whats needed and what you need to do to achieve enhanced results from which ever marketing strategy we agree you need.

To find out more about this consulting program [Click Here Soon – Early 2019]

Method #3 Focused Consulting.

Now I have to keep some of my methods and approaches to myself… it’s what gives me the competitive edge. However…

With this method of consulting you get to see the additional tools, approaches and tactics I use on my own business. All them in addition to ones I use and share with other businesses in methods #1 and #2.

These are focused and very specific. Some of what we go through will be existing strategies with a very special twist and other will be TOTALLY new, different, never seen before in most quarters. You’d be hard pressed to have seen what I share with you elsewhere!

The only place you could get this type of consulting is in Method #3.

To find out more about this consulting program [Click Here Soon – Early 2019]