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I suspected the conversion figure to be high. But 55%!

Of late, I’ve been doing my research, looking at the stats the big boys are putting out and speaking with many users of mobile devices. I knew that the conversion rate after doing a mobile search would be high, but I couldn’t have imagined, it was 55% high.

I was on Search Engine Land earlier and the information on this was astounding.

Go over and read it, but I’ll give you a summary here.

From the research I’ve been doing, more people search on their mobile devices at home than anywhere else. But many believe it’s done on the go, like I did, up until last year.

77% of Mobile Search Done In The Home

Google and Nielson’s study proved right. 77% of mobile search is in the home. Even when there is a PC not a stone’s through away.

It looks like speed and convenience are the two key factors for opting for the SmartPhone instead of the PC. Which I truly think is fascinating. If you do I what I have done, and picked through all the research, mobile campaigns all of a sudden appear.

You should create marketing strategies based on good research. But hey, do many spend the hours doing that research? Heck no… hence poor results from many marketing efforts. However, ALL the research is done for you here in the report, gifted on the post. Boy was I grinning widely, when I got my hands on that. It’s pure GOLD!
This was a MASSIVE takeaway for me 55% of mobile search influenced conversions take place within one hour!
I had to read that again, I was SO bowled over.

Microsoft Statistics on Conversions

The study isn’t a one off either. Back in 2010, Microsoft published a statistic that 70% of conversions are made in one hour.

When you thumb through the report, with mouth wide open and drooling, you’ll find it covers insights into behaviour of mobile users, more specifically, SmartPhone users. For business looking to tap into new channels and leverage GOLDEN and virile opportunities for increased sales, this is it.

You’ll need to sit down with a cuppa, stick your feet up and get stuck into this report. But take a gander at the headliners, which will make your mouth water:

73% Trigger Actions

  • Of all the mobile searches done 73% trigger follow-up actions. If you can create a strong call to action (CTA) on your mobile site, do you think you’ll get a response? Is grass green?
  • 63% of mobile search, triggered actions occur within 1 hour or less of the initial search. Are you thinking time sensitive offers here? If you’re not you should be.
  • 45% of mobile searches are conducted to help make a decision. Now when it comes to being in a store or shop, at the time… that figure shoots up to 66%. Sticking QR codes around your business, or SMS short-codes, here and there, you get the idea. You’ll get buyers ready to make a darn quick decision. No two week, slow torture, no’s here right?

They’re all biggies, but this one stood out for me…

  • Out of every 100 mobile searches that result in people finding your well designed, easy to navigate and fast loading mobile website, 28 (That’s 28% folks) will result in a conversion!

There is a tonne of info in there for you to look at. And I would strongly suggest you do, if you’re serious about increasing your customers, sales and profits in 2013 and beyond.

Because this is just the beginning.

Mobile Marketing and Conversion Webinars

If you don’t want to sift through all that great content in the report, and for the life of me, I couldn’t think why you wouldn’t, then I’ll be doing a series of webinars on mobile and SMS marketing, for the small business owner. You’ll want to be on those, period, if you want to know the what, the how, the why, the who and getting it done, with the least amount of investment and least amount of effort.


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