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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Got another email from a very good marketer who I respect… it was a heads up about a hardware (or DIY business to you and me) store in northern California called Ace Hardware who had recently finished a test tracking mobile coupons from discovery to redemption. I like this test.

Here’s a link to the article, which I’m sure you’ll find really interesting Ace Hardware.

They ran a pilot program aiming to build up Ace’s SMS loyalty program and increasing basket size.

As an aside take a look a this very short video to see how easy it is to have a mobile coupon campaign in your business:

Mobile Coupons Are Killing it

More and more mobile coupons are becoming increasing popular and are killing it in some niches. There was a quote saying…

Mobile coupons are a simple decision for a brand or retailer to make they just have to make it a priority and decide to do it. I tell marketers that the right mobile decision is a secret weapon, it’s just a matter of deciding and doing.

This type of marketing is exploding and it’s just another tactic to throw into your arsenal. It’s low cost, has a great return on investment and it uses a vehicle that nearly everyone uses… a mobile phone.


All our customers have one and we should be using SMS marketing to reach them with value packed messages. I’m seeing more businesses using mobile marketing and in particular mobile coupons to reach their customers. But still it’s not enough. Passing a local takeaway, a few days ago, I saw that it was empty and I really wanted to go in and ask them what they were up to with mobile marketing, coupons, short-codes and the like. but I was a little time poor that day and so I’ll knock on their door another time.

Print Coupons Still Do The Job But Mobile Coupons Are Catching Up

We’re still using them, cutting them out and redeeming them at the local shop, print coupons, but the mobile coupon is fast approaching it’s equal. Soon, I predict the coupon on the mobile phone will go the same way the print book has gone against the digital book on Amazon. They’re out selling them.

I see mobile coupons doing the same against the print version.

Local Businesses Could Be Using Mobile Coupons

There’s SO many businesses locally to me, who lend themselves to mobile marketing and using coupons on a mobile phone to attract customers through the door. I will be dropping these local businesses a line sharing this tactic. For now I’m sharing it with you, so I would get on and start using this really good low-cost idea.

Mobile phone QR code

Mobile Coupon and Marketing Education

Check out some of my other articles on SMS Text Message marketing and take a look at my Out In Front Marketing site. It’ll be an education.


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