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It’s always great bringing on new clients, the excitement of a brand new project, the expectations of the clients are at a all time high and the potential for both clients and I are enormous.

And this was no different with a client I agreed to work with a few days back. They were excited and asking a load of questions. It was one of those questions which they asked, that I thought I would share with you now and the answer I gave.

The question was this:

“What is a .Mobi domain and why do I need one?”

[Before I answer that question here is an old YouTube Video I found. Now what is being said was, what was on the cards for .Mobi, they are now a reality. Check it out]

Now that is a very good question, that I which more small business owners would ask to be honest. As I sat there, pulling all the data I had in my head about .Mobi’s … my client could slowly see a broadening smile appearing on my face.

Before I go over what I told her, I think it’s important to know what Quantcast, a group of online analysts, have been saying about the mobile web.

In 2009 the mobile web grew, a staggering 148% worldwide, and that was 4 years ago and its rapidly picking up pace. If you’re looking to join this revolution, then you have to SERIOUSLY look at getting a .Mobi domain, period. Or you run the risk of being left behind and your customers going elsewhere, as we’ve all gone ‘Mobile’.

I gave my client five key reasons why I strongly suggested that she include a .mobi domain as part of her mobile marketing mix.

The first reason I gave her was…

Get A .Mobi Domain

It was emerging as the de-facto standard when it came to a mobile internet domain.

Whenever there is massive growth in a sector, there needs to be standardisation, to allow consumers to easily understand and use a product or service. And the same is true for the mobile web. Mobile web users want to easily find content, when they want it and anytime of the day or night no matter where they are in the world.

There have always been competing technology standards, which in part have waylaid widespread adoption. For example and you may remember this if you’re old enough, the 70’s saw the emergence of the VCR versus Betamax, remember that?

The 90’s saw digital audio tape versus the MiniDisc versus Compact Disc.

With these two examples, the winner was the format that took top position and revelled in the widest industry support. It was the format that was triumphant.

The format for the Mobile Web, which is enjoying the same profile and position as the MiniDisc and the VCR of the 90’s and 70’s is the .mobi domains of today.

The second reason I gave…

Network level Transcoders white-list .Mobi domains.

When you’re creating a mobile sites, it takes a lot of effort and time, and I know from firsthand experience as I spent hours upon hours getting mine right, because you’re looking to get the very best from a limited screen resolution and to have the navigation mechanisms on mobiles, look spot on and in proportion.

The last thing you want, having created your mobile presence, is having third-party Transcoders modifying your site. When using a non-standard domain name, this is exactly what they do, they modify it. However when you have a .Mobi domain they’re automatically white-listed by the industry and by all network level Transcoders, which means that your site will render as you intended on every mobile device, 100% of the time.

At this point I could see my client leaning in and listening contently, so I thought I’d carry on with the other reasons.

The third reason I shared…

When it comes to the search engines these domains offer a much better performance.

Now this is crucial for a number of reasons, one is the big daddy of search, Google, said this, if a business website isn’t mobile friendly they’ll penalise that site in the search results. That not only gave be a shudder down my spine, but also filled me with enthusiasm. The shudder was, blimey, I better get onto this or I’ll lose all the hard work getting my various sites at the top and on the first page of SERP’s, (Search Engine Results Page). The enthusiasm was hardly anybody at the time actually new about this, I knew what to do. So it was a service I could offer.

The other critical reason is this, search engine performance is vital for business’s success online. And with every .mobi domain registered it gets its own entry in the Internet Zone Files. These files, the files that search engines use to start their website crawls, in essence your site will automatically perform better a whole lot better than if you were to use another naming convention. In addition, when searches are being made from mobile devices, the search engines detect it and then prioritise their results accordingly.

And of course they would, why?

It’s as simple as this .mobi sites are of high-quality, they’re for mobile sites and they’re automatically brought to the top of the mobile search results, if that isn’t a reason for getting a .mobi domain, I’m not sure what is.

The fourth reason I gave…

This type of domain is designed for mobile use.

The reality is there are still a lot of great names available and that is despite having close to one million of these new types of domain names. Having a short name is essential for a mobile user, when it comes to entering a web address. They don’t want to be tapping away putting in a long URL, it’s cumbersome and if they have to try 1001 times to get it right they’ll soon move onto another site where it’s easier.

So when you think about the businesses who didn’t manage to get their first choice .com address, like many didn’t, they can get the jump when it comes to the .Mobi, well at least for now, as it grows with popularity, that’ll change and quick. I’ve been online since 1999 and I’ve seen a lot of the new innovations online, but nothing has compared to the triple digit growth year-on-year mobile Web is experiencing.
What’s the forecast for the mobile web?

It’s only just getting started and it’s going to be HUGE!!

There is a tonne of opportunity for the small business owner, especially, as they can play on a level playing field with the biggest of the big.

And finally the fifth reason I gave her was…

The .Mobi domain is industry supported and proactively promoted.

The company behind the .mobi domain has a goal and their goal is the widespread proliferation and usage of the mobile Web. And they are getting ever closer.

Everyone has a mobile, in fact many of us have two, let alone all the other mobile devices like iPads and other tablets. The mobile user wants three key things. They want content fast, they want to navigate easily and they want a ‘One-Click’ solution for contacting or buying from the businesses they find.

It’s was this overriding need for mobile standards that prompted ICANN to make .mobi the only authorised ‘top-level domain’ for finding mobile content. And when heavyweights in the industry like Microsoft, Vodafone, Nokia and Google, support the .Mobi domain they are helping to promote a single, globally recognised, domain naming convention for the mobile Web, which is .Mobi.

Post Author: John Sealey

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