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For Local Businesses… Large or Small List Building is Vital.

List Building For Local Business Is Worth Doing?

Alot has been said about list building for small businesses and you may have heard the saying by the internet marketing community many times “the money is in the list“. And in part it’s right. The part where you have to have a list of prospective buyers and customers.

Watch this short video by the one of the worlds best list builders:

It’s what you do with that list/s when you have them. I shop locally… and I’ll challenge ANYBODY to prove me wrong on this. But hardly any local business in this county actually record the details of people coming into their place of business. Now I’m not just talking about retailers here.

Other sectors are just as bad. Businesses ALL OVER THE COUNTY are leaving money on the table EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

Money left on the table when list building is never retrieved!

So how can you:

Cut your ad budget and increase profits by list building?

What if you don’t have a site to collect names and emails how can you build your list?

What if I have an existing site but no way of building my list?

There are some wonderful low-cost and no-cost ways you can make offers to your list and balloon your profits. In my local business marketing system, there is a section on list building for small businesses and I run through exactly how it can be done with little money down and a ‘Done For You’ programme.

What Can Double or Triple The Number of Prospects?

I’ll even share with you how to use JV’s (Joint Ventures to you and me) with fellow business owners to double, triple or even quadruple your prospect base literally overnight.

List Building Is It REALLY That Important?

I’ve been at this for a long time and list building for small businesses has been the key to driving sales and profits up. Many a business owner I have visited, do have a list but do very little, in anything at all with the goldmine sitting on their computers. If I had to get rid of everything in my library on materials and had to keep but one thing, that one thing would be my list. Listing building for small businesses like ours is a vital element to not just surviviing, but thriving in a VERY competitive world.

Give me a call using the number at the top of the page or go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page and send me an email, to find out how the list

building for small businesses section of my programme can impact on your marketing efforts.

(All calls to my 0844 number are charged at 4.2p per minute from a BT Landline)

List Building
Building A List Is Vital


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