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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s rare these days that I pick up a newspaper, as I get most if not all my news via the web. But last week I got hold of a Sunday Newspaper and an article I found reinforced what I suspected to be true.


That the leisure sector as still blinkered when it comes to social media.

According to research done by Barclay’s Mike Saul, who is head of hospitality and leisure, more than two thirds saw some or limited opportunity using social media to bolster their business and attract more customers. The likes of pubs, restaurants, travel firms and hotels were surveyed.

Social Media Fears

Their fears, so I understand it, is handling the negative publicity. But that’s what online reputation management is for. Plus, if they were really clued in, it’s more than possible to turn a negative into a positive. And have even more people at the front door waiting to come in.

social media leisure sector

When I read that 1 in 10 had no plans in using social media, I saw visions of those same people crying in their beer at the decision, they didn’t make, in adding social media to their marketing and promotions, when they’re forced to close their doors for good. In fact, as recent as last night, I went and got a takeaway from my local Chinese establishment. The great thing about this trip, is that there are 5 fast food ventures along the same row of shops.

Some Are Busier Than Others

If you were to stand in the car park, you would have a view of each one all at the same time. Out of the 5, 2 were mega busy and the others had hardly anyone in them. Try and hazard a guess, whether the two that were busy had a pro-active social media presence?

Yep they did but they were also very pro-active with other forms of marketing and promotion aswell.

I see one of them closing very soon, as every time I go to the shops, I rarely see more than one person, if any at all.

Busy Resturant
This is replicated all over the town, county and country. Social media doesn’t cost anything, or very little depending on how you use it. If these leisure companies only realised a 10% increase in sales week on week, what would that mean to them?

Their customers whether they like it or not, are mobile savvy. They search via their mobile devices, 74% of the activity on a mobile device, may that be a SmartPhone or tablet, is search engine use. Then comes social media, like posting on or checking your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Leisure Operators Mobile Ready?

I’ve looked at whether some of these businesses even have a mobile friendly website to serve up to their potential customers, and no they don’t. Even just having a mobile friendly website or doing SMS marketing would help.

If you’re in the leisure sector yourself and don’t use social media, like Twitter or Facebook, start… and if you visit leisure businesses who you see don’t use social media or mobile marketing, then tell them they should. If you value what they do and you like what they offer, it’s your duty to let them know if you want them to survive.

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