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Email and Social Media

Social media and everything that goes with it, has been on everyone’s lips for the past few years. But one strategy hasn’t been getting a mention. That’s email.

Yet email is still a force to be reckoned with and still gives you results if used properly. Now putting the two together, social media and email, you have a formidable joint force in your marketing efforts. This is about integrating your email and social media efforts.

Crash of Social Media?

This can and does happen, not always but on the odd occasion, and that’s a social media crash.

You have no control over the social media websites, but by linking, or integrating, your mailing list with your social media followers, you’ve created is a reliable back. So you get to keep the people who have been following you… and you don’t risk losing them. If that makes sense.

So its a very good idea, as a business owner, for you to integrate these two forces together.

Now to ensure you get this integration and start building your email lists, you need to use email opt-in prompts on all of your social media pages.

Use them on your Facebook tabs, on Twitter and Linkedin… or if you’re a user of websites that share information, like SlideShare for example, stick them at the end of a slide.

There are many areas where you can put these types of prompts, strategic areas like your call to actions or lead generation materials and many others.

The objective here is to build a mailing list based on your followers, your subscribers and customers. All of which would be on the different social media channels you have. Is this resonating with you so far?

You can broaden your mailing by adding visitors to a list via your blog. It is afterall, a form of social media right?

Wherever you see an opportunity in a post, include a prompt to join your mailing list. There are lots of email providers, but for best results, try and use a standard service provider.

Encourage People To Share

Everyone on social media is used to doing this and that’s sharing.

You enhance exposure by encouraging your subscribers to share your email messages.

Always include your social media icons in your emails to subscribers. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Plus any others you maybe on.

Tell your subscribers what you want them to do with the social media iconsin your emails… “Share This Email.” Make it easy for them by telling them what to do.

A good way to ramp up your integration is to create a specific campaign dedicate to the cause. One approach is to send emails that are designed to make the connection between the different platforms like Facebook for instance. Your existing subscribers do and can play a vital role in expanding things for you.


Have you ever considered providing some kind of incentive to your subscribers to share, or connect, or link, or… join?

If you haven’t you should. Try it, because it provides your subscribers with the kind of motivation that can speed up the spreading of the word.

Incentives could be anything from discounts offers to savings. One video marketer, used a giveaway of a Samson Go Mobile. It’s a piece of wireless tech that you add to your mobile phone to record audio. Its something like $200+ dollars or £166 odd. But it went very well. A nice bit of kit, that they had a chance of winning, so they spread the word. What did they lose by sharing? Nothing. But to the marketer it was everything.

Stay Ahead of The Competition

To get ahead or stay ahead of your competition, you really ought to integrate your email and social media.

Instead of running two independent marketing campaigns, try reaching out to your customers from a common front. To ensure a streamlined, efficient and a sustainable expansion.

That’s it on integrating email and social media, is there a lot more to this? Of course there is, but this gets the ball rolling for you. If you liked what I shared, then do the same… and share this post with others you know who would benefit. Help others to help themselves.

Post Author: John Sealey

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