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This blow me away, but I wasn’t overly suprised, to be honest… the fact that more than 60% of all emails opened, occur on a mobile device.

Well, when I sat and thought about it, nearly every man and his dog has a mobile, or some kind of mobile device on them. Plus the fact, many of us are pretty much lazy and the smaller the space in which to display your content, improperly transfered, reduces the chances of your email being read.

So here are 3 blindingly obvious ways to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and get read.

#1. Make Them Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet is the order of the day, in today’s world. When it comes to emails, even more so… when people are reading their emails on their mobile device. This applies to emails being read on the recipents phone… keep subject lines and content simple, and to the point. You have a far better chance of getting your message across clearer. OK onto #2…

#2. Simple Designs Works A Treat

Simple is best. The “simple” rule applies to email designs as well. If you’re using a particular design or images and graphics, lets say, in your emails… some people may not be getting the whole picture of what your business is all about. There are cases where, graphics may cause your email to load slower, which in turn skyrockets the potential for people to erase your message, rather than spend those extra seconds, to see what it’s all about. #3…

#3. Even If They Don’t Wear Glasses… Avoid Small

Yep… the amount of times I’ve received an email, and had to reach for my magnifying glass, I’ve lost count. Imagine what your email will look like on a mobile device, if the font you’re using in your emails are already small on a computer screen. You gotta problem!

Quick and easy way around this, is to test it. Send that same email to your own mobile devices and see how the thing looks.

It’ll always be a challenge when you’re formatting between mediums. They come across differently depending, which meduim it’s being delivered to. With over half of all emails being opened on mobile devices, planning accordingly for that type of viewership, is a grand idea. Always bear this in mind folks.

On the other hand, you also don’t want your fonts to be enormous and exploding onto the screen. You’ll scare em to death.

Find the right balance that works well and you’ll be on the receiving end or more reponses to your marketing message. In other words, you have better email campaigns.

The middle name of the online world, is instant gratification. We all want to catch people’s attention and pique their interest. So if using email, and I  hope you are including it as part of your marketing mix, make sure everything from, the calls to action you use, to the designed of your email, is clear and easy to distinguish.

I mentioned this earlier about testing, and it’s that important, I wanted to finish on this. You want to see how your email looks to the outside world, what are the different mobile devices and screen sizes. You want to avoid lower than par formatting, basically… is everything mobile friendly. If it isn’t, your business promotions, may not return the sort of results you want and you’ll reduce your chances of expanding your business to a new level.

Keep in mind these three approaches, when sending email, as many will be receiving them on a mobile device. By bearing these in mind your results will be much better and far more profitable.

Post Author: John Sealey

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