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I’ve got to say, even though the idea of using webinars is no longer a novelty, there are still so few businesses using this wonderful marketing approach.

I’ve used webinars, off and on for a long time and they work really well, if done correctly.

So in this post, and others coming up in the near future, I’ll be sharing some “How to’s” with you on running your own webinars for success and profit. Regardless of the type of business you’re in.

If you’re considering, conducting a webinar for the first time I have no doubt that you’re  probably dealing with a bout of nerves.

Guess what? Join the club. Many people, including me, have all gone through it and still have them. So don’t fret about nerves.

Here’s the thing… a online presentation, or webinar, is done over the web. So there’s no standing up and speaking in front of a crowd of people.

You know people are there, hanging on to your every word, but you can still have that nervy feeling going on. And that’s ok. Nerves are good.

Now you know this, and it’s all ok… lets sink our teeth into some essentials you should be looking at when running your first webinar.

Here’s a few things, I would suggest you do…

1. Conduct a dress rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal

Once you’ve outlined your webinar presentation, have a member of your family, a friend or someone whose feedback you value, sit through your presentation. Have them write down anything, and I do mean anything that they thought was off, wrong or just needs to be improved here and there.
If there were parts that they felt, well, bored, then these would be the areas you work on to spice them up, to keep people engaged. Simple.

Next thing I would look at is…

2. Have a tech expert on standby on webinar day.

If you’re not a techie yourself, and have a real aversion to anything technology base, which frankly is a lot of people, then have someone who knows their stuff on hand.

Now I’d like you to keep this in mind. Just because the rehearsal went well, the tech stuff worked when it was suppose to, the presentation went smoothly and the stars were aligned, it doesn’t mean however, it will when you actually present your webinar.

I’d say there is bound to be something, that goes south on you. If you’re doing it live and not automated, (more about these two in future
posts) there are webinar service platforms that offer customer service with your session. So in effect you’re covered.

3. Remind your participants.

Oh yes, and then remind them again. If people are anything like me, they can be forgetful. It’s only at the last minute, that they remember they should be on a webinar. So always send a remember or three.

4. Spend a few moments explaining how the webinar will run.

When teleseminars were all the rage, and the term webinar was a but a distant dream, I do remember a teleseminar authority saying, spend a few minutes telling people how they can ask questions; why the call came about, what’s in it for them to stay and listen in. Whether they’ll be a recording that can be replayed and all that.

The reason being, it gave people who would turn up late, time to get in and not miss the good content. Doesn’t have to be long, but it also gives people who turned up on time, a little more in the way of background. So a win/win.

5. Dress for success.

Dress for Success

Should you take the bull by the horns and do your webinar live then dress for the occasion and your audience. A young Steve Jobs could get away with dressing in jeans and a t-shirt. With his size 11’s propped up on his desk. If you have that sort of brand and people recognise you for it. Then knock yourself out.

On the otherhand if you haven’t then dress like you’re presenting a grant proposal for money you really need.

You get the idea. It’s common-sense really. And if you are going to do it live then keep in mind…

6. Lighting, camera, backdrop and audio. All set up properly.

As obvious as this is, and it is… you have to make sure that you aren’t washed out or in shadows.

Having a neutral backdrop is a great idea and not seeing your untidy living room. Check your camera angles are good and that your mic is in a good positioned, so you don’t have to sit in an awkward posture. People will see how uncomfortable you are.

7. Have Two devices for your webinar.

Have two computers

What do I mean by this? I would strongly suggest that you present your webinar on one

machine and record it on another. Don’t do these on teh same machine.

I learn this the hard way. I had lag problems, which resulted in lost audio, video or some other mishaps. Try to use two different machines, wherever possible.

8. Using budget equipment.

I’m up in the air with this one, and I would test it out for yourself. Some say don’t use budget equipment, like a cheap microphone and webcam, as it could be seen as having less value to your participants. On the otherhand, microphones and webcams have got even better and they are low cost. Still delivering a high standard of audio and video. I would test it out for yourself.

Me I’m all baout low or no cost solutions that achieve results. That’s just me. So check it out for yourself and see which way feels good with you. Budget or spending on quality equipment.

I’ll be running a few webinars again very soon. So stay tuned, vist my site, regularly to find out what they’re all about and when they’ll be. Or just follow me on social media and I’ll give you a heads up there.

Post Author: John Sealey

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