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The pace is gathering momentum, well known brands are now building very large and I do mean large SMS databases. These larger brands are segmenting their lists into specific groups and sending those groups targeted messages. We as small business owners need to be doing the exact same thing.

Mobile marketing is still growing at a rapid rate and there is little evidence that this will slow down on the contrary, it’s speeding up… And real quickly!

SMS Now Tried, Tested And PROVEN

Marketing via SMS messages, is now a tried, tested and PRVOEN way to deliver a message which is time sensitive, like a promotion, for example and which has a nearly 100% open rate. If you read some of my other posts on SMS message open rates you’ll get the idea of how powerful this marketing approach is. Just look at your own habits when you receive a text message. How quickly do you open it?

These messages are opened in a matter of minutes, not days, not hours, not weeks, but MINUTES. There is a caveat though… With the number of messaging options out there, building up by the week business owners like you and I have to work a tad harder to ensure our text message marketing works well with any email campaigns and in-store promotions, we use with this fantastic medium. And we do need to use email and SMS together to achieve maximum impact and maximum returns.

Segmenting Your List For SMS Marketing

I was delivering a seminar the other day, and I told the audience that there is very little new innovations when it comes to marketing. It’s just the vehicles we use to deliver our messages that can change or new ones are introduced. So an age old concept of segmenting your lists still remains as important today as it has been decades ago. For SMS to work really well, we need to be looking at segmenting our SMS list.

You see, when it comes to an SMS list of customers, they aren’t always ne customer type. They may come in different flavours. So by segmenting those customers in types we can deliver a very well targeted message which’ll resonate with that customer perfectly, rather than using a ‘Spray and Pray’ approach.

You can even segment your prospective customers before they opt-in your lists. So from the ‘get-go’ you can have ready-made message pre done and ready to be sent as SOON as they opt in.

How To Achieve Much Better Opt-ins

This I found interesting, bearing in mind, there is a huge buzz about these platforms. There is a report by VIBES about how to attract better optins from a SMS approach. This was the part that caught my eye. The report said…

The worse tactics for acquiring SMS opt-ins, was TV (nothing new there), Web (surprising) and Social (even more surprising)
They created a new metric to work all this stuff out called ‘Acquisition Per Thousand Impressions, or APM for short.

So in this report, it said that in-store marketing came out on top as an effective way of collecting those ALL important SMS numbers off customers. The resulting figure with a 2.3 APM and the next nearest was email at 1.6 APM. So contrary to belief email is still up there for contacting customers. Moral of the story don’t listen to people who say email is dead. Because it surely isn’t. More on email marketing by the way in future posts and my webinar series so stay tuned. Let’s get back on topic…


This I already know and have known for decades and isn’t new buy VERY few business owners do it, either offline, traditional marketing, or online, what I call new world marketing… Follow up messages to customers. This tactic has ALWAYS paid off for businesses who know how to follow properly, with their prospects and current customers.

From a SMS point of view, just by sending ‘Thank You’ follow up messages really does get customers to opt-in to your various programmes. Years gone by, before SMS exploded, I would tell people to send a ‘Thank You’ card, the investment? The cost of a stamp. Nowadays it’s even cheaper and results in more of a response because we have all gone mobile and people will look at their messages within minutes. It’s a no brainer really to use SMS.

There was even more data that came out of the research, this maybe a little boring, but stick with it as you’ll see exactly how you’ll benefit. Still with me? OK…

SMS Subscriber Database

The average APM without a lottery or some kind of incentive, brings in .5 new SMS subscribers, for every 1000 impressions that promote the SMS database. Interesting right?

Now this figure jumps to 3.1 when a lottery or sweepstake or incentive is layered on top of an customer acquisition campaign.

Businesses, both small, medium and large, who us SMS average 4.1 APMs, when both tactics are used in conjunction with an SMS-building effort. I can see a slight smile appearing on your face now.

Basically what this research suggestions and highlights is the growing importance that we as business owners have to place SMS and including it into our offline, or traditional marketing at every turn. I’m not saying let’s forget all about the traditional ways of marketing to people, because clearly those approaches still have their place. But what I am saying is we need to add onto our signage, in our windows, emails, flyers etc… a SMS component.

In yesterdays world having one vehicle would work. In today’s world we have to have more. In a way an ad for an ad. May that first ad be your shop window, an email or a flyer, or even the age old display advert in a newspaper or local magazine. Your SMS details must be included. It’s no longer a ‘Nice to have’ but a ‘MUST HAVE’.

Regardless of which channels should be used, savvy brands have begun eyeing how to collect consumers’ information as quickly as possible in all actions leading up to and after a sale, per Eric D. Lazar, vice president of mobile development business at HelloWorld, Pleasant Ridge, MI.

Bright, not clever (as there are some very clever people out there who aren’t very bright in my opinion) business owners have to look at ways, of how to collect customer information as quickly as poss in all in all engagements leading upto and after a sale.

Eric D. Lazar, vice president of mobile development business at HelloWorld said this…

“For those brands using an enterprise ESP or partnering with CRM database service, requesting a consumer’s email or loyalty number in the initial opt-in exchange can allow the brand to match all the historically acquired information on that customer, including his or her user’s profile and purchase habits, to the mobile phone number,” he said. “When a marketer (or business owner in our case) takes the time to do this tactic upfront, the need to later send the consumer to a mobile optimized profile page or try to build the profile of SMS customers through extensive back and forth exchanges is mitigated.”

Cool right?

Performance of Your Text Message Marketing

What you can measure you can manage. That being said, once your customer has opted into your various programmes, we then have to look at how our promotions, offers and our information, is performing. We have check open rated and conversions. Just because you’re using SMS doesn’t guarantee results. That is just part of the story. The other part is the content we use in our SMS, does it work? Is the content powerful enough to get people to open these messages? Once opened is the offer compelling enough to get them to click? To take some kind of action?

You’ll only know this if you measure what is happening. Does that make sense?

Only when you find out what information your customers want, in the various segmented lists you have, can you then figure out what are the best messages to send. Common-sense I know… but when it comes to this sort of stuff, may that be online or offline, common-sense isn’t that common.

As the old but trait saying goes “Find out what they want and give it to them”

You don’t have to go far to see many businesses starting to use SMS and mobile marketing approaches in their business. It’s beginning to pickup pace. But there is still a significant number of businesses still not jumping on this outstanding marketing approach. If you are one of them, then you can choose to stay where you are and not take full advantage, have mediocre at best results from your marketing or you can choose to get stuck in and attract, WIN and keep your fair share. now is the time to decide. Which way will you go?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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