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Small local businesses want to get their teeth into Search Engine Optimization and grow their sales. Well on this page you will be showing you want you can do to lift the results of your website in thesearch engines.

No Good Being On Page 3 of The Search Engines

You may have a lovely site but, if people can’t find you, you’re in for a rough ride.

Search Engine Optimization tips for Northamptonshire, CO

If you think about it, you are reading this page becuase it has been optimized by local marketing expert John Sealey!

Local Marketing Expert John Sealey, offers SEO services through Northampton, CO and the surrounding area.

Whilst all the time focusing on Local SEO for local business. If you’re a local business then like you we want the consultancy found by people looking for local SEO services.

In essence you are really going through this page becasue you may have typed something like “SEO Northamptonshire. CO” or maybe even something like “SEO in Northampton, CO”. As you can imagine then, that everything about this page has been optimised. I optimised the meta tages so search engines would deliver this content to you for what you were searching for.

These things called Meta Tages are vitally important when it comes to a Search Engine Strategy. They (Meta Tags) are the focus or the engine if you will which drives your site, a bit like a engine driving a car. Without you don’t get very far. You could in fact rank your page without them on the search engines.

You could omit the “Meta Tags” and create a page and use text links instead in the way of a campaign. But that is another story and you wouldn’t want me to give away all my secrets SEO strategies would you? πŸ™‚

Lets gt back on track and let me share with you more stuff about optimizing a page with what we in this line of work called onsite optimization. But before I do you may see me interchanging the spelling of some words. The English spelling of a word and the US version. I think you can guess why.

Now not only have I correctly used the Meta Tags I also need to look at how I use something called “H Tags”. Now those SEO bods out there reading this will be yawning right now… but this isn’t for them it’s for you, reading this page. What are “H” tags, I hear you ask.

These little puppies are used to define the importance of a page or a section on a page. They then to be bold text and a large font size. They generally, the H tags, start with H1, H2, H3, H4, H5Β  and H6. The one which is normally used to tell the ole serach engines the Title of a page is the H1 tag.


Use this one SPARRINGLY!

Matching H Tags


When you’re doing this yourself ensure that yourΒ  β€œH Tag” matches what you find in your β€œPage Title Tag”, β€œDescription Tag” and β€œKeyword Tag”.

β€œKeyword Tags” are ignored by most search engines, now I do say β€œMost Search Engines”, not all the search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Although I do believe if used correctly Google will recognize β€œkeyword tags”. For more information on getting SEO and SEM working on your wesbite, Contact Me

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