Find Out How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business

SMS Text Message Marketing For Local Business

New inventions are continuing to be developed; almost daily and small local businesses are now being forced to keep up, if they are survive, thrive and sustain their business in today’s very tough economy.

Couldn’t find a UK example video… so a MASSIVE opportunity for you!

These new innovations are designed to make ALL our lives much easier. Your customer’s lives are better as a result and so it’s time you, as a business owner took advantage of these innovations to enhance your sales and profits.

Everyone Has a Mobile Device

The fastest and most widely used bit of technology, which virtually every single person has, is a mobile device. Moreover it’s a mobile phone, but it’s extends to other devices like iPads, iPhone, Blackberry’s to name but a few.

Just like other forms of technology, mobile communications continues at a rapid pace, with ever more improvements, like new more features and functionality. I don’t know whether you have noticed, but some of the recent smart phones, which are flying off the shelves, are more equipped than desktop and laptop computers now!

Local Businesses NEED To Mobilise

If you take into account these reasons, small businesses, just like yours, have to start “mobilising” if you’re stay in front of your target market.

As I mentioned everybody, virtually has a mobile phone. And there’s one thing everyone will do when they receive a message on their phone, is read it. In fact nearly all SMS messages are read within 90 SECONDS of receiving it. So there’s no surprise then that one of the most popular forms of mobile marketing is… SMS Text Message Marketing.

SMS text message marketing allows any business, especially a small local business, to engage directly to its target market by sending a simple, plain old, text message, which is quick and only takes sends to create. This is what is called permission-based marketing. It’s perfect because your recipients have opted-in to receive your messages, wonderful right? It’s effective because they WANT to receive your promotions.

Getting Your Message Delivered

When it comes to deliverability, it out flacks, everything else, email, flyers, direct mail and advertising, almost all text messages are read within minutes of receiving them. There was a recent study that showed that 97% yep you read that right, 97% of text messages are read within minutes. So if you want an absolutely perfect way to get your promotions, coupons or discounts across to your target market and in their hands IMMEDIATELY, then SMS text marketing is the way to go.

Want a more time-efficient way of marketing your business, than sitting for hours, head in hands beating yourself up, as to whether your advert in the local paper or magazine is good enough… then SMS text message marketing is that way. What helps is the fact that text messages have to be short due to character limitations. So when you’re putting together your own marketing message, it’ll only take few minutes instead of days and weeks to prepare, nice!

Quick and Easy To Track SMS Marketing Campaigns

How hard have you found it to track where your responses come from? Yes you may ask when a prospect calls or emails you, where did you hear about us. That’s one, if you remember to do it, when you’re really busy or two if you have staff, whether they remember to ask. And how do you check that anyway?

With SMS text message marketing you can track everything and you don’t have to think about it, you’re busy running your business to think about tracking right?

Find Out How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business

Every single time you send a message you have the advantage of monitoring and finding out what happened with every message you send out. In other words, you can check each one and see all of your campaigns to evaluate them. Like how many people viewed your messages.

  • Can you do that with any newspaper? No.
  • Can you do that with a TV commercial? (If you can afford to do it) No.
  • Can you do that with a radio ad? Nope.

If you can, think of any form of marketing you’re doing now that can do it. I bet you can’t.

Retain MORE Customers Using SMS Marketing

A huge area for a small business to improve and build its profits is keeping more customers or retention. SMS text message marketing is a wonderful way to retain your customers for just a few pennies. It’s much less than sending a letter by post. It’s a perfect recipe for customer retention because you can reach out to them very quick and easily. You can imagine you have an idea for a promotion, for your loyal existing customers or clients, and instantly you can turn that idea into reality, and they all get the message.

And don’t forget, they’ll read it within minutes of receiving it!

These are customers who have already spent money with you, so chances are, they will come back to spend more and more money with you as long as you keep in touch with them, and isn’t that what you want?

Find Out How SMS Marketing Can Help Your Business

There are SO many marketing strategies available to you. However, not all of them are as effective and profitable as a SMS text message marketing campaign. I know I’ve been helping businesses, like yours, with their sales and marketing for over 27 years. So believe me when I say that.

As long as everything is set-up well and you’re taking good care of your list, your business can bring in a lot more money with the use of this amazingly effective technology. So use it because I guarantee this… your competition will be, if they aren’t already. You’ve been warned!

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