Why A Local Business MUST Have a Mobile Website

Regardless of the business you’re in, we’re all looking to attract more customers and more sales. Times are a little challenging at the moment and we have to look at better ways of getting more sales and profits. Whether we’re a fan or marketing or not, as all have to do it.

Grab A Cuppa and Watch What The Guys At GOOGLE Are Saying

Small business owners everywhere are being forced to utilise some marketing strategies that can reach their prospective and current customers easily and affordable.

More on Having A Mobile Website

We can no longer afford to overlook mobile marketing techniques and strategies. Why?
Because you, I and our customers are ALL becoming mobile savvy. Well the vast majority anyway. And those who aren’t mobile savvy will be real soon. In some shape or form people have mobile devices, either on them, at work or at home. The world is now mobilized!

Cases in point, most mobile phone users now use their phones to browse the internet. On the flip side, most businesses still… yes still, don’t have a “mobile-friendly” website.

Follow my trail of thought here for a second. If more and more of our customers, clients and patients are browsing via a mobile device and we don’t have mobile friendly websites, what sort of experience will they have when they visit our sites from mobile devices?

Answer… not a very good one.

What that means is this. They hope onto our site, have to scroll left, right, up and down and get racked off, as it takes an age to find what they need or want. Here’s the HARD NOSED business end of this not so nice experience. The search engines see that they visit our site, spend, like 4 seconds on it and leave.

More On Having A Mobile Website

It says to the search bots, we’re just not relevant and so don’t place this website high on the search results. It’s that simple. If we’re not high in the search engine they just won’t find us, if they can’t find us what is the point of paying out all that money, for some expensive web design to build us a site?

Furthermore, Google have said this, I don’t know of ANY better reason to have any website mobile friendly, if your website isn’t designed with mobile users in mind, we’re slap you, worst still de-index the site. They aren’t kidding either, as it’s already happening.

You see traditional websites are built to be viewed on a computer screen, not a screen as small as mobile phone. So viewing a traditional website that hasn’t been “mobilised” is almost impossible. It’s a bl***dy pain. You have to scroll all over the place just to find the information you’re looking, all due to the limited space.

Worst still, most “non-mobilised” websites don’t even load at all on mobile devices. The majority of people use their smart phones to search for local businesses while on the go. As soon as they hit a website that they can’t navigate or use, they off to the next one, as quickly as hitting the ‘Back’ button.

Can you start to see how businesses are missing out on a SERIOUS amount of business by not having mobile-friendly websites? Money is not even being left on the table, it’s going else and not in your pocket.

More On Having A Mobile Website

Here are a few solid reasons your business HAS TO have a mobile website:

Portability and Accessibility

– Mobile phones can be taken anywhere people go at any time of the day or night. And compare that to a desktop or a laptop. Fact, most people keep their mobile phones within arm’s reach at all times. Question, where is yours now? In addition, people are using them more and more often to surf the internet. If you want to get noticed easily and maintain a proper mobile presence, a mobile website is the perfect place to start, period!

Mobile Search

– Soon ALL smart phones will be equipped with applications that assist in convenient online search resources such as Google and Yahoo! Already the vast majority already are. Your business can easily be found when people search for products or services such as yours from their mobile devices, if your site is mobile friendly.

However, that visibility is useless if they click to get to your website and can’t find the information they need because your website won’t display properly on their phone. I mentioned earlier about the likes of Google slapping or de-indexing sites, well if someone goes to your site and the immediately or soon after leave, the search engines look at what they call the bounce rate. How long did it take for their customer, as it is their customer, to bounce back from your website back to the search results?

The quicker they bounce back, the less relevant the search engines think you are. And if you’re not relevant, you slip and slide down the rankings. It’s that simple.


– By having a mobile website it’s the perfect way to help your local customers find you. Mobile websites are smaller than traditional websites, which means you have to limit the amount of content you add to them. So it’s important to only put the information your visitors need while visiting your website from their mobile devices. People on the go are looking for your phone number, directions to your premised, or your menu of services. Ensure you make these things readily available and easily accessible on your mobile website.

Can having your website mobile friendly drastically increase the number of potential customers? It sure can and it will.

Not only will it save you a packet on advertising, but it’ll save them a pretty penny on bandwidth. We’ve all got it from our carriers, they tell us we have X amount of MB’s each month to browse. Do you think your customers want to waste that on a site that eats up bandwidth like it’s going out of fashion?

I think not. Just get your site mobile friendly. End of story!

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