One of the FASTEST growing segments of marketing online is Mobile marketing.

Over the last two to three years, the number of people who access the internet on mobile devices has gone through the roof and it’s set to get even higher. Due to the popularity of Smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as iconic tablets like the iPad.

This Isn't Just In The States… It's In Our Neck of The Woods To!

This not only changes how many people are using the internet, it also changes how you need to market your business online. That I’m sure you’ve figured out now.

People who are accessing the internet through these devices are doing some fairly specific things, and they’re doing them through devices with much smaller screens and keyboards than your typical computer or laptop.

This means you need to change your approach for marketing to those people, or risk losing them to your competitors.

Mobiles Are Used Daily

There are millions of users all over the world who use their mobiles on daily basis for their personal use and business. This is like the holy grail for the business owner because they now have an effective way for promoting their business.

Mobile marketing is an entirely different sphere of reaching people compared to traditional marketing methods you and I have been use to for decades. With mobile marketing it now makes it possible for the small business owners to reach their customers in real time and at a very low cost. And that’s bringing smiles to the faces of a lot of small local businesses. Finally they can now afford to market contact subscribers directly, which builds a much deeper relationship between them and the customer.

When you sit down and REALLY think about it, apart from the exceedingly low cost to start up, there’s many other benefits of mobile marketing which is making an increasingly popular option these days.

Higher conversion rates

With mobile marketing you can promote your product to the right audience and the response rate is higher meaning you convert most of your subscribers into customers. Your mobile ad campaigns have higher conversion rates compared to methods like radio, press or magazines for example.

Engage Customers

In an instant any of your customers, prospects or subscribers who have a mobile can be updated with your latest offers, services, promotions or coupons, helping you engage a lot more with them. It helps you to retain customers as well as increase your business.

Furthermore, it’s a proven fact that customers will be loyal to a particular brand or service if the business has built a good relationship with them. Mobile marketing is a great way to do that.

Honest Feedback

This one I really do like, because marketing with mobile can be used as two way communication which will help in getting feedback from users regarding your new product or any new features you’ve introduced. You get to better understand what their likes and dislikes are very quickly, and in essence helping your business to develop a product or a set of features that customers like.

Cost Effective

Mobile marketing requires a very low budget on ad campaigns but the return of investment is really higher. Usually you only have to pay for the text message and nothing else. Some services pack in a load of really good features, for a low monthly cost.


Where ever your customers are you can reach them with mobile marketing in mere seconds. If you have an urgent announcement, then a SMS can be sent instantly to everyone in your database. Not to mention the added benefit of your message going viral, if the customer likes a feature, product, service or promotion mentioned in the text message, then they might share it with their friends, family or colleagues which is free advertising for your.


Each subscriber is different and the ads can be customised to each individual increasing response which will get you more conversions or sales.

Easy to set up

Using a drop dead simple delivery system, mobile marketing is as easy as using a mobile phone, it doesn’t need any technical knowledge to operate. They can be easily integrated into your existing ad campaigns or can completely replace other marketing campaigns you are using right now.

If some of your customers, don’t have an internet connection for some reason, and that is a situation which is becoming less and less of an issue with WIFI everywhere, it’s possible to engage prospects and customers without an internet connection using mobile marketing. So distribution of your message is possible to higher number of people who are interested in what you’re offering.

As business owners it’s our responsibility to increase the business using the latest trends in marketing and today mobile marketing is considered to be the future of advertising, so catch up with this trend to stay ahead of your competition or quite frankly be left behind.

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