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Use A Google Maps Service To Attract Ready-To-Buy Local Prospects ToYour Business

Just as an experiment, I decided to monitor the local businesses advertising in a few local magazines. Just to see how many time and how long they did it, before they gave up the ghost.

The results I found weren’t that surprising!

More than 85% only advertised the ONCE, now that either suggested that they got SO MUCH RESPONSE that they never needed to place another ad again or…

Google Maps Service Vs Tradional Advertising Methods

Which I think is more to the point, didn’t get any response to their ad and the money they spent was wasted. With the lack of calls they received, they probably weren’t that happy with their return. Perhaps they did that sort of advertising, as so many others do the same. Like other advertisers maybe they thought, this was the way to attract new business or they just missed this altogether… that traditional advertising formats such as the Yellow Pages, local newspapers and magazines are becoming much less effective.

Times have changed when it comes to Google Maps Service!

In yesterdays world people would find suppliers of products and services they would ever want and need in the papers, magazines and directories like the Yellow Pages. Nowadays most people, including many of your potential clients, tend to search on the Internet for services.

Now this was strange… some of those same businesses I found in the local publications were nowhere to be seen in Google and any other search engine. They weren’t using a Google Maps Service from what I could see. It could be they do have a presence but they’re lost on page 2 or 3, even worse pages much further down the pecking order.

I picked a few of the businesses at random and searched for the terms I would use as a typical customer and all I found where their local/regional competitors and not them.

Do You Have A Local Listing In Google Maps?

Google Maps Service
Northampton Google Maps Service

If you have a Goolge Maps Service, where are you listed? Are you on page 1 of the search engines? If not how much business and new customers are you loosing, by not optimising your Google listing or not having a Google Maps Service at all?

Try typing in the key-phrases for your business and see where you are positioned.

Your competitors who currently dominate the top 3 listings in Google are ranked highly because more than likely, they have listed their websites with a Google Maps Service (you can see an example of a map on this page with the letters showing clients exactly where to find them). You’ll see all those businesses showing are using a Google Maps Service and are ranking.

As you can imagine, they will be attracting the most attention from potential clients because of where they are. Although it is not too difficult to add your business with a Google Maps Service in order to be listed, it is time consuming and requires some knowledge of how the search engines work in order for your website to be easily found by customers actually looking for you.

As part of what I deliver to local businesses is help promote them on Google Maps and assist owners of local enterprises to greatly improve their visibility online. I have a Goolge Maps Service which can significantly increase the chances of websites, like yours, being found by potential customers actually looking for a business like yours and who will be eager to do business with you.

Don’t be too alarmed that your website isn’t positioned highly on Google or even Bing or Yahoo, for that matter. As there is something you can do about it and it’s easily corrected. But I hope that this might explain why some of your competitors may be doing better than you because of their search engine ranking. And them adopting this online marketing method and having someone optimise their listings with a Google Maps Service helps them steal a march on all or most of their competitors.

How This Google Maps Service Can Help You

If you want to know more about how I can help drive hundreds, if not thousands of new potential clients to your website every month then CLICK HERE and we can start talking or at the very least exploring what else is possible with your business online.

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