Google Places

Google Places Is A Great Tool

This lovely little tool helps business owners to really position their business better on Googles Search Engine. Giving the business the opportunity to update their information on where they are geographically and make updates when needed.

Once the business updates their listing it should appear correct in Google Maps and any other Google machine that displays search results.

There are millions of people, every day using Google to find products and services in the real world, and with Google Places,Google wanted to make sure that people find what they need quickly. Their focus has gone local and so should yours.

Google Places With Small Business In Mind
Boost your business with Google Places

Google wants you to have it so…

Have You Claimed Yours?

If you haven’t claimed yours yet I can show you how.

I’ll be showing you how to generate new online leads for your local business and getting your listing into the top 5 listings on the first page of Google. Bold statement to make? Yep! I’ve done it already.

My business package for all my new clients places all the risk on me.

More about Google Places

To find out how I’ll be able to work with you on this just drop me an email or give me a call:

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