“How Northamptonshire Businesses Can Attract Boatloads Of Ready-To-Buy Customers On Autopilot Without Spending More Money On Advertising Or Running Another Ad Using Email Marketing!”

Details revealed below…

If you’re a local business which has the email addresses of your customers and prospects and not using them. Then you’re leaving money on the table.

Money left is never retrieved!

So what can you do to leverage the opportunity sitting in your business right now, as yet untapped?

Email Marketing Campaign

I’m offering an incredible opportunity for you to receive a custom built email marketing campaign that will generate the type of customers who are in the market to buy what you’re offering without you having to spend a fortune in local magazines, newspapers or radio advertising.

It’s a known fact in the world of marketing that the easiest person who is most likely to buy from you, is one who has already bought from you in the past. One of the most cost effective and most productive ways of getting previous customers back into your business to buy more is by using email marketing.

If you’re serious about increasing your leads, your customers and your profits by having a professional marketing expert to build your custom email marketing, then you need to contact me today.

You’ll receive in your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns specifically created for your business that will offer past customers and prospects of yours… your most recent sales, promotions and discounts without having to fork out anymore money. Sound interesting? There’s more…

• Your unique email marketing campaign for thousands of pounds less, than a big advertising agency would charge you, that’s if you’re big enough to use those guys. You won’t have to spend a fortune to have a professional, well targted marketing campaign created for you.

Instead of wasting hundreds of pounds each year on newspaper, radio and magazine ads that are expensive and ineffective, you can now have a professionally designed email marketing campaign that you can use to inform, educate and persuade your private list so you generate profits whenever you have a need for increased revenue!

• You’ll also receive professionally and sensitively written promotions, sales and offers that will make it much easier for prospects and past customers to make a visit to your business and are ready to make that all important purchase.

I’ll share with you the tips, tools and resources you’ll require on how to capture the email address of your prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet, either those who visit your business or your website.

• You have a ready-made buying list right on your computer which can become your 24/7 marketing tool. They’re there just waiting to generate profits whenever you want.

Your customers may have pressing questions, if answered by your email campaign could increase the number and frequency of orders you receive. Your campaign would help them with their buying decision and drive higher quality traffic and prospects to your business or website.

• If you have a website which could be doing better, but you’re just not sure how to optimise it or even… whether you can. Then I’ll show you how you can add some simple tools which’ll generate more leads on autopilot without you being pushed into spending more money on advertising, money that you just haven’t got!

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