Domain Names
Domain Names

The Right Domain Names Are KEY!

Having the right domain names for your business is vital. It's how your customers, clients or patients will find you online. However for a small local business, you need to be well tooled up with domain names. Why?

Simply there are certain keywords your prospective customers are using in the search engines to find certain things. Having, what is called 'Geo-Targeted Domain Names is key for a local business.

I go into how you can outperform you competition just by having these domain names, in my training and coaching.

Finding The Right Domain Names For Your Business

You may think you already have a great domain or purchased some great domain names, but as I mentioned earlier, will it be good enough for people to fin you over and above your competition?

You have to really think about the domain names you have, plus just don't settle for one domain name. On the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) section of this ssite I touch on this a little more.

What I will say though, is this… think of your online marketing and the domains that you buy as part of a marketing jigsaw puzzle. The one piece ddoesn't give you the whole picture.

Having all the peices and where to put them will give you the picture. in essence the services I provide for the local business is the “putting the pieces together to create the whole picurte".

Mobile Domain Names

Now that we can access internet wirelessly and from virtually anywhere… may it be from work, home or on the move with our mobiles (SmartPhones) it has opened up a tremendous opportunity for us local business owners.

Compaines that sell domain names, are springing up everywhere and taking advantage of the growing market of mobile devices. The domain extension which is just finding it's legs and getting a lot of buyers is the .mobi extension.

.Mobi is the extension that a lot off website owners are opting for as they are formated for the mobile phone, pdas and other mobile devices.

You'll need to understand first how big the mobile market is first for internet browsing and how your business can take advantage and have a mobile presence yourself.

I maybe doing a online video presenation (webinar) on this in the near future, so stay tuned. To keep up to date on what webinars I'll be delivering go to the webinar tab.

Also checkout my page on having a mobile friendly website for the mobile device. And what domain names will be useful to have.

Domain Names and Ranking on the Search Engines

This is a question I'm asked very often by local businesses. “Does the length of the domain names I have for my website affect SEO and the results I get?

Also ask… “how long should should I register my domain names for? How long is long enough for domain names?

I answer those questions for you in my programmes and trainings. Staying ahead of your competition is vital, the web is a moving feast of opportunity, so you have to know how to keep an eye on your competition, in more ways than one.

One of them is knowing how long your competition has purchased their domain names for and then employ a strategy to out-perform them. I let you into that very same strategy which attracts prospects to your main or mobile sites.

The very strategy helps with your ranking. As a small local business, do you really need to know why it works the way it does? No, not really, but I do think it's a very good idea to know.

Be Taught How To Get The Right Domain Names

Either way I do the job for you or teach you how to do it yourself. Whichever way you look at it, it's a WIN/WIN!

Speak to me about my domain names marketing strategy and I'll be happy to go through it with you.

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