Copywriting Made Easy For The Small Local Business Owner?

Could this be true? YEP!


Writing articles and promtions for your own business!

Most business owners have never retained a professional copywriter to create their salesletters, adverts, flyers or any other written sales communication. Why?

Well many just don't know any copywriting experts, others aren't sure they will get what they want, after all the business owner knows more about his or her business than anyone else right? So they are the best people to do copywriting.


There are businesses owners who already know the value of hiring a copywriting expert, but they also know how much it costs to hire a really good one. A Lot of money. But they are worth their weight in gold studs.

Secret To Great Copywriting

So what's the solution to getting great copy created to move your customers to take action… may they reside online or offline?

You do it your self but with a little copywriting help.

I've been copywriting for a long time now and I've created a some that most if not all small business owners could use to write compelling copy for their own business. Now I'm not saying you'll be turned in a copywriting master like Claude Hopkins, Ted Nicholas or Gary Halbert.

What I am saying is you'll create copy that will attract the sorts of customers you want, promote your offers in a way that get people excited and craft a communication which'll make sales.

There are some common factors to copywritring… may it be online (your website or emails) for example and copywriting for traditional communications that you are familiar with. Flyers, adverts, brochures etc…

However there are differences to… and get these wrong and it'll spell the end to the potential opportunity you would have had.

In my copywriting programme, for the small local business, I've put together some very easy approaches to help you QUICKLY and EASILY put together copy that sells.

Now you could be saying to yourself… why would I purhcase this from this guy? What has he done to prove he can even write good copy.

Now you know from the statement above, that I have proof or I wouldn't have made it.

Well here it is… but before I go into it. Let me share a stat that I know you would have heard about.

Response rates to sales letters and direct mail. Between 1-2% right?

OK… I wrote a sales letter to a sector in the motor industry. and here were my results:

Response = 42.3%

Conversion Rate/Ratio = 33.2%

And… Wait for it…

A 125,288% ROI (Return On Investment)

I know how to write copy, more to the point include copywriting as part of a strategy and not just a standalone tactic. So I know how to create a programme for someone who hates copywriting and doesn't know how to do it properly.

I'm no £25K per letter copywriting whiz… but I am a person who knows how to get a good return for every £1 I spend. For many in business that's good enough for them.

I've included:

Copywriting insights from a copywriting great, plain and simple stuff.

How to channel your copywriting skills into the latest Web 2.0 trends to maximize sales potential.

How sales letters fit into the new social media internet.

Easy to apply copywriting techniques you can use over and over again.

How to write creative headline ideas to sell to the emotions of your prospects to get them to buy.

And loads more…

Copywriting Programme

I've designed this programme as a standalone and also part of the main offering. Either way you'll learn a skill that ALL business owners should have. Becoming a great copywriting expert in their own business. Plus you'll have that business building skill for ever!

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