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Covert Marketing

Covert Marketing Tacics YOU Can Use Aswell

Believe it or not… marketing consultants use covert tactics to boost a companies profits. Shocking right? Who would have known. 🙂

It’s true, there are 4 marketing tactics that a marketing consultant will use as a default position, first and foremost to acheive a Quick Win, for their clients.

Now these are areas you look at every single day, but most don’t understand the significance of them and how they can boost their business. These are profits that a business misses each and every day. They’re lying in the business, undiscovered and waiting to be leveraged.

A good marketing consultant knows where to look first. Once recovered, they look like a genius and have instant guru status in the eyes of the business owner.

So in this article I’m going to lift the lip and reveal what these tactics are. As a result you’ll be able to leverage them yourself. Ready? Ok… lets go onto to…

Covert tactic #1: Referrals

Our astute marketing professional, will delve into your business and look at how many customers you have, how long they have been with you and how much they spend. Then they’ll look for the ones that have a good level of repeat business with you. This would be the very first place I would look. There is a relative goldmine sitting in this area.

Once that’s done, in will come a referral strategy, to instantly boost sales and thus your profits. You’ll need only spend a little, if anything at all, to get them.

Once you, as the business owner, start to understand the power of developing a overarching strategy, for acquiring high-quality referrals in your business… then the marketeer will go to town developing and integrating a referral mechanism, so that you can harvest a continuous supply of high quality clients in the future. Job done. He or she looks like a hero. Oh but they’re not finished with you yet. Her comes…

Covert tactic #2: Risk Reversal

To you and me… this is otherwise know as a guarantee. A savvy marketing specialist will know, by creating a risk reversal in your marketing communications… and positioning it, in such a way that it makes the whole message compelling and a no brainer… you’ll bring down the walls of many resistant prospects and have them reaching for their wallets or purses.

A well-articulated Risk Reversal/Guarantee can increase profits also immediately. That’s why we marketers search out and create a guarantee or risk reversal for a business. It’s worth, it’s weight in gold studs.

Covert tactic #3: Offers

Now our marketing hero will take a quick peek at what offers you have used in the past, if any at all. They know nothing gets the customer more heated up and ready to buy… than a well presented offer.

A compelling one can move a customer to buy near enough instantly.

Our well seasoned marketeer, knows this very well, and they’ll be head down, pen and paper ready planning, scheming and creating a super hot offer that’ll resonate with your audience, and have them beating a path to your door.

Positioned well, it’s a marketing offer that your audience would like and want. There is massive value attached to it. Then BINGO! your marketing helper, will have scored once again, in the increased profits department. Their credibility is sky-high right now. Oh did you think they had finished with their stealth tactics? Oh no…

Covert tactic #4: Positioning You As The Authority

Now this is a stealthy little number, which will stroke the ego of many a business owner. One which many entrepreneurs have no idea how to acheive or excute. But our craftly marketeer does. This is what they’ll do…

They’ll dig and probe into your skills, your background, your qualifications and everything that lets them know how good you are. They’ll be looking to make the invisible, visible.

As a side note, that above sentence belongs to another tactic, so powerful, that it has literally moved businesses from the edge closure… to leading the field. And out promoting and out selling competitors at every turn.

But I won’t touch on that one today. It’s a little more detailed and would take time to wlak you through, I’ll leave that marketing strategy for another article. Lets just say it’s a covert tactics for a quick win. Anway…

The marketing authority will look to, position you as an expert, an authority in your field. A first port of call, for anyone looking for your product or service.

Here’s the thing… People want to work with people who know what they are doing. Of course we do. They appreciate competence and professionalism. And our marketeer knows this all too well.

Now to ensure that you take advantage of this concept strategically, they’ll turn you into the perceived authority/expert in your industry. They’ll look at a number of ways to do this like:

1) Having you publish a book. And think this will you take years? Try days!
2) Write a column in an industry magazine, local magazine/paper, blog etc
3) Give speeches at associations, industry events or as a guest speaker at networking events
4) Get interviewed and be the interviewer. There’s more to this than meets the eye.
5) Develop a newsletter or e-zine or website (if you haven’t got one) offering your information and perspective.

Our canny marketing specialist, knows the rewards on offer with this strategy. This one does take a little longer but after a while… the sales and profits just keep coming, as though on autopilot. Is this the definitive list of covert tactics you can use? I haven’t even started yet. There are a tonne more, that can be put to work. Just apply the ones I’ve just shared and you’ll see a significant bump in sales and profits.

So to recap on what covert tactics, ethical of course, that you can use to boost your businesses returns:

  • Get your clients referring to you by using a designed strategy. And not have they come in by accident.
  • Reverse the risk of someone doing business with you and build a compelling guarantee.
  • Create an offer so mouth-watery, people will find it hard NOT to buy.
  • Position yourself as the go to person in your sector, industry and/or lo-cal.

If you’d like help finding an astute, canny and Shrode marketing professional… and want to put these and many other low-cost and no cost marketing tactics to work for you… then get in touch via the link below, or call me on this 0844 994 8114, I’d love to help. Contact Me Here.

Post Author: John Sealey

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